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Tree growing products

Working in the floriculture, agriculture and nursery field, requires the use of appropriate, specific and high quality materials, in order to obtain high-level and customer satisfaction products. For this reason, company Agraria Checchi over the years has invested human and technological resources in the internal production of specialized products for the nursery sector.

From the production of soils and fertilizers, to the production of coconut-based soils, to the production of pots in a wide range of types, materials and sizes, we advise the customer in choosing the products that best suit his needs and we support him in his work.

The best products for agriculture, floriculture and nursery

Using specific and high-quality products that take into account technological innovations is the first step towards achieving good results and opening up to wider markets. We focus on the production and marketing of floriculture products such as:

  • Pots

  • Soils

  • Equipment

  • Irrigation materials

  • Fertilizers, seeds and plant protection products