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Varia Pot non rooting-circling pot

The Varia Pot, together with the Ercole pot, represents the maximum technological innovation in the field of pot cultivation.

Handy, lightweight and reinforced at the top can be easily moved and stacked in the nursery without stressing and deforming it.

The perforated structure allows to support the growth of the roots without the pot losing elasticity: the concentration of oxygen always remains optimal promoting the growth of the roots in the initial phase but limiting the elongation out of the pot. The Varia Pot therefore cancels the phenomenon of spiralization and guarantees a uniform and radial growth of the roots.

The use in a suitable substrate is however essential to allow the correct passage of oxygen: coconut-based soils are very useful in this regard.

Vaso Pot non rooting-circling pot

The Vase Pot is available in different sizes, and in the only black color.

Round, it is made of regenerated polyethylene, a lightweight material that allows you to obtain a handy product.

Excellent results can be obtained thanks to the use of anti-spiralization vessels, the maximum innovation in this sector.

  • vaso varia antispiralizzazione
  • vaso varia con fondo forato antispiralizzazione
  • vaso per piante varia antispiralizzazione