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Bamboo canes for tutorage

The tutoring and support of plants are essential in agriculture and nursery.
Bamboo canes are natural plant materials perfect for supporting plant growth. Their cost is affordable, they last a long time and have the ability to withstand very well the weather.

The advantages of using bamboo rods for agriculture

The reeds are suitable to support plants in agriculture and in all those sectors where it is important to properly support development: from floriculture, horticulture, to fruit growing and nursery.

The rods are Thai type with diameters ranging from 18 to 45 mm or Chinese type with smaller diameters, therefore suitable for smaller plants.
In our warehouses we have large quantities of both types of rods for agriculture and in many diameters and sizes, to meet the most diverse requests for mentoring.

  • use and weather resistance

  • flexibility

  • durability

  • the part of cane planted in the ground does not rot

  • eco-friendly natural material

  • lower cost than other materials (both synthetic and vegetal) from the same uses

Agraria Checchi deals with the retail and wholesale sale of bamboo rods for agriculture with a wide choice of sizes and diameters.

canne di bambù per l'agricoltura