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Support, tutorage and packaging

Some plants and types of crops need, or at least have, a better development, with the help of a support that helps their growth, especially in the case of plants with climbing or semi-climbing habit.

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The support can be made with different types of materials and products: bamboo rods, tonchini, poles, hooks, handles, nets, ribbons, arches for climbing.

By tutoring we mean the anchoring of plants by means of poles or supports in the root zone; this type of solution allows a safe rooting of the plant and greater protection against atmospheric agents.

Not all plants need this type of support so it is always good to contact our experienced staff to choose the right solution.

Support and tutoring of plants

Choosing the right support according to the type of plant is a fundamental step to ensure its well-being and proper development.

Although plants on the ground usually need more support, potted plants may also need support.

We have anchoring tools for potted plants even large with the Sikur Pot system, which consists of a system of belts and tensioning elements that block the pot to the ground. The advantages are in the speed of implementation, a reduction in the maintenance costs of the plant, the ability to reuse the mechanism several times and on different plants.

In our catalogue you can find detailed products for plant support and tutoring.