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Wind Stop System: Patented Metal Cone

WindStop is a metal taper jar, a patented system that prevents the pot from tipping over and perfect to hinder adverse weather conditions, especially wind, and protect plants exposed outdoors.

There are different types of structures: conical vase holder for single pots, galvanized rectangular grids with regular and symmetrical or differentiated-spaced meshes.

WindStop: the characteristics

The conical structure is made of metal and is formed by two rings: a smaller upper and a larger lower one, connected with a metal rod. The dimensions range from 18 cm in diameter, up to 49 cm.

The galvanized pot clamps can accommodate many plants, they can have regular and symmetrical meshes, but also differentiated-spaced meshes of various sizes. Also available support feet for both types of structures.

On our catalog all available sizes.

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