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Plant passport labels

The labels for the passport of plants, plants and parts of plants intended for planting, are essential products in agriculture, nursery and floriculture. They allow you to learn with ease and immediacy all the information related to the plant.

From 14 December 2019, the phytosanitary passport becomes mandatory in all exchanges between professionals in the European Union area, to protect both trade and health.

Labels for phytosanitary passports in nurseries, floriculture and agriculture

Given the great variety of existing plants: from green, fruit, flowering, shrubs, trees, or simple seeds, labels and tags can and must be made in a different way.

Labels for phytosanitary passports in nurseries, floriculture and agriculture
With this important novelty, the labels for the plant passport must be affixed to the goods subject to mandatory phytosanitary passport and then follow the plants in their movements.

  • The label of the plant passport may be affixed to the bunch, container (pot, box, container, etc.) or the package.

  • The label must be clearly legible and the information must be indelible.

  • Etichette passaporto piante

The labels for plants in the nursery and floriculture sector are of different types, shapes and materials, to adapt in the best way to the plants where they will be placed, without causing harm.

In our catalogue we have:

• slot labels
• wire labels
• tip labels
• labels with photos
• labels for laser printers
• labels for thermal transfer
• pvc nameplates