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Growing pots

The cultivation pots use the latest innovative principles applied to the sector to allow healthy and fast plant growth.

Different sizes, heights and capacities, as well as shapes, allow each plant to have the right pot in which to grow respecting the criteria of practicality, quality and aesthetics.

The types of groowing pots

In the headquarters of Agraria Checchi Silvano Spa you can find different types of pots for cultivation, in order to solve different needs for plant growth.

cultivation pots - phoenix pot - Agraria Checchi Silvano Spa

Fenice Pot

The Fenice Pot is a plastic pot designed specifically for cultivation, robust and easy to move. The correct aeration is allowed by the cross bottom, and the root system finds benefit. Available in various sizes and in black and terracotta colors. See more details

Cultivation pots - black nursery pot - Agraria Checchi Silvano Spa

Nursery Pot

The Nursery Pot can be high or low, made of regenerated polyethylene (PE), very resistant to temperature changes and extremely flexible. The presence of drainage holes on the bottom or sides allows excellent air circulation and prevents excess water retention.

Available in black, on request it is also possible to make it in terracotta color. See more details

Cultivation pots - mastello with handles for nursery - Agraria Checchi Silvano Spa

Mastello with handles

The classic mastello with handles for nurseries, made of regenerated black polyethylene (PE). The side handles allow easy movement. Available in black and terracotta. See more details

Mastello without handles

Our Mastello without handles are made of regenerated polyethylene (PE), available in many sizes and capacities, they are also perfect for growing large plants. Black products are available with or without holes. See more details

maxi cassetta

Maxi flower boxes

The Maxi flower boxes are made of polypropylene copolymer stabilized with U.V. rays and perfect for use in outdoor areas such as terraces and streets. Available in different sizes with wheel set for easy movement. See more details

Giove Bowl

The Bowl Giove is made of polypropylene copolymer and is perfect for the cultivation of Bonsai. See more details

Andromeda Bowl

The Bowl Andromeda is made of terracotta color polypropylene copolymer. Available in various sizes it is resistant to U.V. rays and suitable for cultivation of flower arrangement. See more details