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Fertlisers, seeds and phytosanitary products

In the life cycle of the plant it is essential to use three different types of products: the seeds, which are necessary for the very birth of the plant, the fertilizer that is the nourishment, and the pesticides that allow you to protect the plant if there is a need.

A technical fertilizer is used in agriculture, nursery and floriculture and serves to provide plants with one or more nutrients.

Plant protection products must be diluted in water (with a few exceptions), and serve to protect plants, trees and shrubs or affect their vital processes such as growth. The protection applies to all organisms harmful to the plant itself and can also be applied in a preventive form.

Fertilizers and plant protection products for agriculture and nurseries

Fertilizers and plant protection products for agriculture and nurseries.
At our warehouses we offer the customer various types of wrapped fertilizers, controlled disposal, for containers, specific for the coverage of nursery plants, organic fertilizers and various types of fertilizers including those with controlled release, the best technology in this field.

Our company also distributes a wide range of agropharmaceuticals of the most qualified houses; for italian customers, for the purchase of plant protection products you must have the certificate of qualification (license). In our catalogue you can find the complete list of phytosanitary products that you can find in our warehouses.

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