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Peat is a deposit material composed of sunken and waterlogged plant remains that cannot fully decompose due to the acidity of the surrounding environment; it can also include remains of insects and other animals.

The peat soil is characterized by the large presence of organic substances but a low amount of nitrogen, characteristics that make it very suitable for the cultivation of so-called acidophile plants and young plants, facilitating germination and development.

The characteristics of the soil with peat

The peat is particularly light and acid, makes the soil porous and permeable thanks to its good water retention capacity; this is why the peat soil improves the texture of the soil in which it is inserted because it softens and makes it softer. Usually it is reddish brown in color, has the characteristics of a coarse soil.

The main characteristics of peat soil are:

  • presence of organic substances

  • lightness

  • acid ph

  • good water retention

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