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Airpot for plants 

airpot per piante   The good growth of a plant depends largely on the health of its roots. The healthier the roots, the better they will develop. Classic pots usually lead to a deformation of the roots that hinders the growth of the plant.

The Air-pot system allows the plant to develop more freely the roots, in this way the plant can fully absorb water and nutrients, growing robust to strong.

The shape of the air-pot guarantees the good growth of the roots and therefore a healthy growth of the plant.

The use of Air-pot allows a better aeration of the clod and roots that leads to a more uniform development.

In the plant development cycle, the container is one of the elements of a larger system, in which the type of soil used and irrigation play a decisive role.

Air-pot: the features

The advantages are multiple and exceed the initial investment, higher than traditional vases:

  • fastest growth

  • increased resistance to disease

  • need of minor repottings

  • better grip after transplantation

vasi airpot
airpot 15 lt
airpot 2 misure
airpot 30 lt