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Non rolling-circling pots

Anti-spiration pots use the latest innovative principles applied to the industry. The main characteristic is the adoption of a perforated structure that allows the growth of the roots but limiting their extension out of the pot.

The plants produced in the anti-spiralization pots grow faster and once grounded ensure safe and immediate grip since the root system does not go into stress.

The advantages of antispiralization pots

The use of anti-spiralization pots in the nursery brings many advantages in plant growth:

  • develops the root system faster

  • improves drainage

  • removes the phenomenon of root spiralization

  • eliminates the stress of transplantation

  • improves the rooting process in the soil

Excellent results can be obtained thanks to the use of anti-spiralization vessels, the maximum innovation in this sector.

Hercules pot - anti-spiralization pot - nursery pots

Ercole pot

The Hercules pot is the culmination of innovation in the field of container cultivation as it uses the anti-spiralization system. The Ercole pot is a perfect pot for nurseries. See more details

varia pot - anti-spiralization pot - nursery pots

Varia Pot

The Varia pot represents the maximum technological innovation in the field of pot cultivation thanks to the anti-spiralization system. Handy, lightweight and reinforced, it can be easily moved and stacked in the nursery. See more details

ercole flowering box - anti-spiralization pots - nursery pots Cassetta Ercole

Ercole box

The Ercole flowering box is light and solid and represents the best way to grow healthy and strong plants thanks to the system used in anti-spiralization pots. See more details

vaso eracle - vaso antispiralizzazione - vasi per vivai

Vaso Eracle

The Eracle Pot is an anti-spiralization pot that allows the good growth of the root system of the plants but at the same time limits the extension out of the pot. See more details